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Hipbone Massage

Therapeutic Package

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Relax, Refresh, Revitalize

Upon arrival you are the main focus! I want you to relax your brain and your mind from the stress of the world around you. You are urged to release all digital devices as we begin your informative intake. The goal is to get to know you better. So slow down, unwind, and simply RELAX!

REFRESH  within a room with scented candles or aromatherapy essential oils; to help boost your mood, reduce stress, and anxiety.

Feel wrapped in warmth from your head to your toes on the heated massage table.

This heated element promotes increased blood flow and allows for deeper muscle tissue penetration, relaxing the muscles from within.


Each element mentioned above blended together, accompanied with therapeutic touch, will help you feel REVITALIZED!

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Jerome has an amazing touch and somehow knows where all the spots are! From the warmth of his personality to the warm sheets I was very relaxed from the beginning to end. Will definitely recommend him and will be back.


Deep Tissue


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Jerome strives to make the time on the table meaningful for your life, guiding your body toward peace, balance and relaxation.


Neck & Shoulders
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He adds stretching, movement, and deep tissue kneading to provide a restorative, therapeutic treatment.


Light Stretch

Jerome DeLain, SCLMT #9833

843-813-1807   |

PO Box 61945, North Charleston, SC 29419

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